Sunday 2 September 2012

Not Over Confidence (X-Story)


“I can really distinguish between a girl who likes me and a girl who just looking for friendship!”

--- Randy Waskita ---

       Xervan notices the sad gloomy expression on his friend’s face, Randy, and offers his ear to listen to Randy’s problem, Xervan has always been a good listener to him.
       “Van, she keeps flirting with me. She is gorgeous, there is no doubt about that, but she is too aggressive, not my type of girl.”
       “Lestari? Flirting with you? Are you serious? You just met her five days ago man,” said Xervan while enjoying his tastiest Nasi Soto.
       “Maybe that’s what you feel, and maybe she acts normally towards you, but to me,” Randy pauses for a while, looks sad, then continues, “I just don’t have the heart to refuse her love for me!”
       “Yo, are you sure about this? Lestari is the type girl who gets along with everyone easily, and as far as I know, she already has..”
       “No-no-no Van!” Randy interrupts Xervan, “I know what you are going to say, and you’re wrong! I can see it in her eyes! It’s not that I’m overconfident, but… I can really distinguish between a girl who likes me and a girl who just looking for friendship!” Randy tries to convince Xervan.
       Xervan stares at Randy’s face, trying to understand what makes his friend so upset. 
       “So, Lestari is in love with you?”
       “Exactly! And that what makes me upset!”
       “Wait a second; I think I’m missing something here, if Lestari is the one who in love with you, then why you are the one who feel upset and anxious?”
       “Maybe you already notice that I’m not only handsome and good-looking, but I also have a gentle heart, I don’t even have the slight intention to break her heart! Every time I’m with another girl, she gets insanely jealous! Can you imagine if she feels broken-hearted, frustrates with the fact that she can’t get me, and then commits suicide? Who are going to responsible if all those things occur?” Randy says, slightly furious.
       While Xervan and Randy still converse about Lestari, out of the sudden, Lestari appears and walks towards Xervan and Randy, but she is not alone, walking beside her is a fine handsome man.
       “Hello Van! Sorry I can’t reply your message, my phone’s dead,” Lestari says.
       “Haa! No wonder I don’t receive any reply from you!” Xervan replies her.
       “Here you go! These are all the textbooks that I have right now, these should be sufficient for your exam preparation.” Lestari hands a pile of textbooks to Xervan.
       Randy stares at Lestari without saying a word.
       “Sorry Van, we need to go now. The film gonna start soon, it’s The Dark Knight Rises! Can’t afford to miss that!” said the fine handsome man beside Lestari.
       “Ah oke, enjoy the movie you two!’ Xervan says to both Lestari and the handsome man.
       While Lestari and the handsome man walk away, Randy feel shy and disbelief as he sees from afar Lestari holds the handsome man’s hand. It is obvious that the handsome man is Lestari’s boyfriend.
       “ Hey,Who…, who are that guy? Please Van, don’t tell me that he’s her…”
       “His name is Charisma Wijaya, and…, yes Randy, that is Lestari’s boyfriend,” Xervan interrupts Randy, it’s like he can read Randy’s mind.
Xervan notices the change of expression on his friend’s face. Randy is filled with jealousy, anger, disbelief, and even embarrassment. He still can’t accept the fact that all this time Lestari never really like him. All of his assumptions and hypothesis are all wrong.
      “ Well, isn’t it a good news for you, Randy? You don’t need to worry about making Lestari feels broken-hearted anymore!” Xervan says.
       Xervan keep trying to console Randy, but before he can do that, Randy stands up from his chair and walks away, leaving Xervan alone in the canteen with unpaid food on their table.
       “ Hey Randy, wait… where do you think you’re going? Who’s going to pay for these?”


 Story : Daniel Hok Lay
 Editor : Adrian Cahyadi


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